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We will be available for Skate Sharpening appointments throughout the week
You can find us at our Skokie location:

Chicago IL 60657
By Appointment Only

Do you sharpen ice skates?
- Yes!
- We built our business and reputation on our custom skate sharpening services.
- You can schedule an appointment online on our Appt page or by calling us at 847-242-1440.

Can we buy figure skates from you?
- Yes!
- We can also place custom orders on your behalf through a variety of manufacturers
- You can schedule an appointment online with our Appt page or by calling us at 847-242-1440.

Appointments are available during the day and late into the evening

What if I want you to tell me what size I am but would prefer to order the skates myself?
- We can measure your feet and let you order your own equipment
- We can measure your feet and you can order directly from the manufacturer
- We can also take foam impressions of your feet which we can either ship for you or you carry them home.

Why does your foam molding material appear to be different then the stuff I'm use to seeing at other places?
- We use a very high grade - high density - medical impression foam
- We custom order our materials from a medical distribution companies.
- Our foam is moisture-proof to prevent distortion and contamination.
- Our foam has a higher level of accuracy with less fracturing then traditional skate molding materials.
- Our foam often exceeds most of the ice skate manufacturing requirements.

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